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       Flange King, the world's leading quality shower room, advocates a comfortable and safe shower life.
       Inheriting European classics, from the Hong Kong Flange King, in line with the concept of combining traditional culture and modern fashion, a professional design team composed of many top designers from Europe and Hong Kong, with professional R & D, rigorous scientific production, The design and manufacture of shower style products with simple and elegant style, exquisite and meticulous style, functional and convenient, and artistic beauty and very user-friendly products are sold well all over the world.
       Excellent workmanship and high quality of materials are the consistent production philosophy of the Frank King. From the selection of explosion-proof safety tempered glass, high-quality hardware, to the processing and assembly of finished products, they are manufactured under the control of the most stringent quality standard system. All products undergo tests such as impact test, water leakage test and sliding wear test, and their safety, water resistance and fluency are leading in the same industry.
      Flange King always stands at the forefront of the industry technology and leads the development of the entire shower room industry. As the leading brand of domestic explosion-proof safety shower room, Flange King is committed to the promotion and application of the explosion-proof safety film in the domestic shower room, creating a new era of safety in China's shower room. Now, the king of the flange bath has put the world's leading shower room nano-easy cleaning technology into the domestic market, surpassing the ordinary shower room easy cleaning technology.
     As an advocate of a comfortable and safe shower room, Français is committed to providing quality, stylish, comfortable and practical bathroom space solutions for domestic and foreign users, with a forward-looking vision, an international vision, challenging the future and promoting humanity. The development of shower culture.


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