• A professional design team consisting of experienced designers from Europe and Hong Kong.
  • With professional research and development, rigorous and scientific production, the style is exquisite and meticulous, functional and practical artistic beauty and very humanized shower series
  • Excellent workmanship and high quality of materials are the consistent production philosophy of Flange King. The use of explosion-proof safety tempered glass meets the strict quality standard system.
  • All products undergo tests such as impact test, water leakage test and sliding wear test, which are safer, waterproof and fluent than other industries.
  • Free design of storefronts, free sample loading, professional technical team to assist in site selection, operation of free market research and analysis guidance. The national unified image store decoration, unified storefront signboard design, forming an effective brand image advertisement.
  • Flange King:A good quality shower room, advocating a comfortable and safe shower life.
  • Corporate Vision:Be a century-old enterprise, build a century-old brand, and become a company that can continuously create value for the society.
  • Our Mission:Create value for customers and meet customer needs to create a comfortable and safe shower space.


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